Sexual Harassment

The Clancy Law Firm has an extensive record of advocating for and obtaining recoveries for employees who have been subjected to sexual harassment at work.

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual conduct or speech that creates a hostile work environment or negatively impacts an employee’s job performance, employment status, or prospects for career advancement.

Sexual harassment can take many different forms, including unwanted sexual advances, crude jokes, or offensive comments directed at a person’s gender, physical appearance, or sexual preferences.

Employers are legally obligated to maintain a safe working environment and can be held liable if they engage in or allow illegal sexually harassing conduct in the workplace. Also, employers who discriminate against employees who have been victims of sexual harassment or who retaliate against employees for complaining about sexual harassment at work can be subject to legal action.

If you believe that you have been the victim of sexual harassment at work or have been retaliated against for resisting or reporting harassment, you should contact an attorney in your area. Contact The Clancy Law Firm at (212)-747-1744.