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Best Employer Practices 

The Clancy Law Firm was founded by Donna H. Clancy in 1994 to represent individuals in Employment matters and Personal Injury Litigation. 

Fighting for what’s right is central to The Clancy Law Firm’s values.  We are staunch supporters of workplace equality and safety and are committed to protecting the rights of employees in the workplace. 

We represent employees in a multitude of industries and professions, against employers of all types and sizes. 

One of our most important goals is to allow individuals who have suffered harm to take on powerful institutions that they couldn’t afford to battle alone.  With a particular aptitude and affinity for David and Goliath battles, we have successfully represented employees of large, multi-national corporations.

We are committed to achieving justice for our clients.  The fact that most of our clients are referred by past clients is a reflection of this commitment.  Our sincerity, trustworthiness and credibility set us apart.




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