Best Employer Practices


Prosecuting violations of employee rights has strengthened Ms. Clancy as an advocate to multinational corporations to improve their employment practices for the dual benefit of both employees and employers. Under certain exclusive circumstances, Ms. Clancy will serve as an advisor to companies in need of guidance that demonstrate serious commitment to promoting diversity and equality in the workplace. Such union of purpose and alignment promotes advocacy for human rights while implementing best management practices, thereby improving performance while avoiding the costs and burden of protracted litigation.

Ms. Clancy will also serve as a neutral mediator, internally investigate an employee’s claims or complaints filed with management or Human Resources, prepare findings and provide a report with an independent recommendation to amicably resolve the claim.

Ms. Clancy also offers practical training, recommendations and strategies to corporations seeking to better their employment practices and improve the efficacy of their Human Resources as well as the litigation strategies of their General Counsel. Please contact the Firm for further information regarding particular services offered under exclusive retainer agreements.

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Best Employer Practices